Hello and welcome!

My name is Victoria and I design and create beautiful bespoke cakes for all occasions.


On my wedding day with my cake-making inspirations – my Mum and Nan.

I am a British self-taught baker and cake decorator.  As a young girl I spent many hours in the kitchen with my mother who is an amazing baker and created gorgeous cakes (and still does).  She herself gained many of her skills from her own mother, my Nan.  Through watching and learning from my mother I was inspired to try it for myself and over the years have been improving my skills and increasing my repertoire.  I discovered that I had inherited some of the family’s talent!

I have always been a creative person, and love spending hours painting or on a creative project.  I am now able to use my artistic skills and vision in my baking to create beautiful cakes.  I started making cakes for friends and family as a hobby, and I soon realised just how much I truly loved it.  When I took maternity leave from my career as a Physiotherapist to look after my eldest son, I began to seriously consider making cakes professionally.  Victoria’s Cake Boutique was born!

Ever the perfectionist – adding some final details to one of my creations


Having children has made me even more aware of the importance of cake!  Cakes really are the centre-piece of every celebration, and will mark every milestone in my children’s lives, from their first birthdays and christening, to their future wedding and anniversaries!

However big or small an event is, a well-made cake creates a centre-piece, a talking point, delicious food, and memories for years to come.  With that in mind, I strive to create beautiful and delicious cakes that will always be remembered!

I would be honoured if you would trust me to create a cake for your celebration.   To find out more or to discuss your requirements please feel free to contact me.

Victoria X